Wine & Watch

Wine & Watch

Step 1. Get a bottle of wine

Step 2. Pick a movie to watch

Step 3. Repeat next week

I’m starting a new series about pairing a bottle of wine with a movie I am watching. Movie and wine pairing? I’m into it. Every movie has emotions, themes and an aging process. Kind of like a bottle of wine, right? I might be stretching it but I think wine and movies might be my two favorite simple pleasures in life.

Tada! Welcome to my first wine & watch. The series premiere! Film = 2014 Female comedic classic: The Other Woman. Hilarious, heartbreaking, and relatable. I will forever be a DIE HARD Cameron Diaz fan. Was anybody else hooked after that opening scene in Charlie’s Angels?



The Other Woman is hands down in my top 10 favorite movies. It is scandalous, adorable and based in New York City and Connecticut, you won’t be complaining.

Source: Grantland

Amazing!! Watch and then watch it again, and don’t forget to “cry on the inside like a winner.”

Now now now, for wine. You guessed it, or maybe you didn’t haha. Rosé. Chilean rosé to be exact! My current wine of the week is Loma Negra, 2017 Rosé. Made with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. At $4.99 a pop from Trader Joes, it’s affordable and delicious. Very dry, light on the nose and has peach, apple and lemon flavors. Make sure you put it in the fridge about an hour before you drink it, most Trader Joe’s have no wine refrigeration.

Source: @oedge 

Money well spent, an evening well spent and my ideal Thursday night. Enjoy! Stay tuned for next week’s Wine & Watch!!


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