Hi! My name is Dria and I studied Viticulture & Enology at UC Davis. I enjoy wine educationally and recreationally. I created a place where I could talk more about the wines I am drinking, the trips I am taking and to hopefully inform and educate wine drinkers on what it is they are enjoying.

I like wine a lot, I drink wine a lot and I like to think I know a lot about it. Hopefully the Bachelor’s degree is paying off.

I studied winemaking in Dijon, France about two years ago. I worked in wine distribution for the most bad ass company, Coeur Wine Co, in New York City last year. I am currently working at a tasting room in Malibu, Rosenthal Wine Estate. The best advice for studying wine that I can give is to drink a lot of it (tastefully of course).

Wandering Around the World!

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Welcome to your rabbit hole down into the Whole Wine World.

Check out my interview on NBC California Live for Rosenthal Wine Bar & Patio!

“Wine is permission to slow down. Just enjoy the show” — Heidi Barrett